Any Way You Slice It

You don’t become the world’s largest pizza company by accident.

Why Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut first opened in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas, when brothers used $600 borrowed from their mom to open a pizza place. They named it Pizza Hut because the sign had just room for eight letters. It, of course, grew — because the pizza was awesome, the service felt like home, and the people treated the customer like family. Those same tenets apply today. It’s how a restaurant should do business. Since then, we’ve been spinning small-town passion and big-minded innovation into a pizza restaurant powerhouse beloved in more than 100 countries.

Our Pizza Hut Story

Pizza Hut is the most loved pizza brand in the world.

  • 150,000+ U.S. Team Members
  • 6,300+ U.S. Restaurants
  • 125+ U.S. Franchisees

Pizza Hut is a part of Yum! Brands, Inc.

Yum’s restaurant brands – KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell – are the global leaders of the chicken, pizza and Mexican-style food categories.

We’ve stayed on top by refusing to blend in.

We’ve always pushed boundaries, from inventing the Stuffed Crust Pizza to putting the first pizza in space.


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    Celebration, Florida Pizza Hut U.S. franchisee since 2009 Owns 130+ Restaurants

    Our decision to invest in Pizza Hut seven years ago was driven by the opportunity to partner with a world class management team and, working together, develop and grow as a franchisee of America’s largest pizza restaurant company. Pizza Hut has been an outstanding partner, providing growth opportunities and operations insights, while always soliciting input from our team to enhance the entire system. We’re proud to be investors in such a strong brand, and look forward to a bright future.

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    Jerry Ardizzone

    Corona, CA Pizza Hut U.S. franchisee since 2008 Owns 250+ Restaurants

    “I began working with Pizza Hut when I was 15 years old at the Margarte, FL restaurant. I worked for 10 years with a franchise group before Pizza Hut, Inc. acquired them in 1991. I then worked for 10 years with Pizza Hut, Inc. After spending seven years with another restaurant organization, I was offered an ownership interest with a private equity group looking to purchase Pizza Hut restaurants in the Southern California area. I feel like I am back at home now, where I belong.

    “I enjoy the entire Pizza Hut organization. There are many passionate people – both on the franchise and company side. It’s a great brand, plus I love pizza! The support we receive from the organization is top notch. Our Franchise Business Representative, Human Resources group and training support staff are always in our market helping and challenging us to improve. Other departments within Pizza Hut have also been great when we have needed their help. They care about their franchise partners.”

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    Mike Baird

    McKinney, TX Pizza Hut U.S. franchisee since 1998 Owns 20+ Restaurants

    “Before I was a franchisee with Pizza Hut, I began in Operations. I was a manager, Area Coach, District Manager, Franchise Representative and Director of Franchising at the Restaurant Support Center. Finally after 25 years with the company, I became a franchisee.

    “We tackle tough, every day issues and yield satisfaction from the rewards that come with the hard work. We focus much effort on growing sales and we have been extremely successful over the last 12 years.”

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    Luis Veras

    Frisco, TX Pizza Hut U.S. franchisee since 2010 Owns 45+ Restaurants

    “In my opinion, being a franchisee is the best of both worlds – you can be creative and entrepreneurial and independent, but at the same time you don’t have to completely start from scratch – you are part of a larger system that is Pizza Hut. As a franchisee, I’m in the position to benefit from the advantages of being a small-business owner and the perks of working with an established brand. Pizza Hut is a great brand!”

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    Kent Colvin

    Liberal, KS Pizza Hut U.S. franchisee since 1962 Owns 80+ Restaurants

    “Customer Mania is something you have to work on every day to be successful. It is something that really needs to come from within each person. We can train parts of it, but ultimately, it has to be part of a person’s DNA. We talk about what it means at every meeting, in most conversations and we include Mania stories on every call and lead off with a story at each meeting. You cannot afford to walk by a situation where Customer Mania was not exhibited and not discuss how it could have been better executed.

    “I grew up in the Pizza Hut business. I enjoy the camaraderie of the people. Whether they are old time franchisees, new franchisees or Pizza Hut representatives, they have a passion for the business and for taking care of their teams and customers. It is and has been stated many times; Pizza Hut is a “one of a kind brotherhood.”

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    Premila Vishwanath

    Plano, TX Pizza Hut U.S. franchisee since 2011 Owns 4 Restaurants

    “I am a veteran of Yum Brands. Started out as a minimum wage employee at Taco Bell and climbed the ladder every step of the way; from working in the field/stores for 5 years to working at different departments at the corporate office in Irvine, CA for over 10 years. This company has truly challenged, motivated and developed me to come a long way.
    A current Pizza Hut franchisee for over 5 years in Dallas, Texas, has taught me that persistence and smart with heart work ethics will eventually result in success.

    “My advice to those incumbent franchisee’s or wanna-be franchisee’s is… Follow your passion, dream big and work towards it. Don’t let fear hold you back.”